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24 May 2013

SO Contrary!

I'm sitting next to Freelance writing this. My ace hay man, and friend, Matt, just dropped off some hay. And I'm sitting on my yellow upturned bucket next to my mare as she eats it. She's dropping bits of Lucerne on me as she does. But it is calming and peaceful next to her. And I can think.

I brought some stamps down to show and give Matt. He thinks that they are special. He said just even being able to photograph that horse was special, but look at what you've done. He's going to put them somewhere special and for him the fact that he knows the person who took them makes them more special.

Ok. Back to business. I know that there are a few readers following The Great Computer Debacle with interest. Perhaps even with a smile on their face. I've lost count of what round I'm up to. And I'm certain that so far I haven't actually won any of them!!

The migration last night was a spectacular victory to the computer (thanx for that Freelance, I say as I dust myself off again).  I looked suspiciously at it last night. My 42 hour migration (42 hours!!!) had suddenly jumped up to 48 hours. It then sat like they without moving for at least an hour. I narrowed my eyes, then went to bed. Maxie is still in disgrace and is still sleeping in his little bathroom area. He started his usual jailbreak attempts at 5am. Without success I might add. He's losing his touch.

When I got up the migration was still saying 48 hours. I scowled at it , and did a force quit on both machines. The Lovely David is calling back about 1pm. In the meantime I will attempt another migration, this time from Time Machine, which I outsmarted this morning, and try again and hope to have some success before he calls.  In the meantime I'm working hard at all my other jobs I have to get through and I'm staying busy and just getting on with life.

Freelance has just realised that there are no pellets. No Pellets!!!! We've run out. There was a hopeful nibble at the phone. She's like Nelly searching for carrots. Sorry baby, I will try to pick some up today. And remember to bring your packet if sugar cubes down as well. I attempt unsuccessfully to remove the Lucerne hay from my hair, thank Dan for not letting his battery run flat even though I left his lights on, put my favourite song right now on (Music for a Found Harmonium by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra) and set off home.


The migration (for the 4th time) appears to have worked from the Time Machine backup.  But I'm not declaring any winners to this 'round' until I get talked through the next step with David.  So this afternoon I've spent some time trying sort out some hard drives and get them backed up and my images sorted out a little bit.  One of them is still being stubborn and is making me do it really manually, and that is a pain.  The newer ones are fine.

Jessica has her riding lesson shortly.  I'm going to take the camera down this time.  I'm a little bit frustrated that Grant Hughes hasn't gotten back to me with another jumping lesson time, and when I'm down there now I'll get more restless and impatient.  I must get Freelance sorted out soon and see whether those legs will stand up to some work.  I also had news that my poor sore neck will start getting some help next month and that's a very good thing. 

Nelly..  doesn't this view of her make you want to leap on her back, grab and and handful of mane?  And wish that she was in a paddock and you could fly away with her??????

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