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18 May 2013

Moody and his Little Girl - Sunday Telegraph

This image, and story, is running in the Sunday Telegraph this weekend.  It's also going into the Herald Sun (actually they may have chosen different images).  From the online issue of the HSun they have spelt my name incorrectly, which, if it runs Front Page, like they said this afternoon it would, will be frustrating.  The image of the horse, and the fact that she has earnt yet another front page however, is the main thing.  Peter Moody is tired of all the press attention.  He was reluctant to speak and give words.  I gave him a little nudge yesterday, and said I'd think he would be really ace if he gave them something.  Judging by the article, I think he has.  He's a treasure..

I'm watching "The West Wing".  It's the final episode of Series 2. When President Bartlett faces the press conference about whether he'll stand for re-election. It's my absolute favourite episode of this great series that I love.  Yes.  I like American politics.  When I finally go to the United States, I will visit the White House.  I will visit Congress. And I will visit Arlington National Cemetry, where my idol John Fitzgerald Kennedy is buried.  I will also go to the Newseum.  

The scene is set to the wonderful Dire Straits song "Brothers in Arms", which is my favourite song after Money For Nothing (which I can't listen to at present).  This scene is brilliant.  Imagery wise, I've never seen anything like it.  The interplay of the close ups, fading away, the music score, and the emotion in the scene, is wonderful.  It hits on all the important senses.  I think it's great.
After it finishes, it's time for bed.  I've finished baking.  The lolly bags are packed.  And I'll set my alarm for early, to get the fairy bread and fruit platters done for Jessica's party.  I'm sleeping terribly at the moment, and tonight Maxie the Bad Ass is banished to the bathroom area after he destroyed the curtains.   I'm going to try to get up extra early to get down to the newsagent to see whether my image really did make front page in Melbourne, and brace myself for the name to be spelt wrongly.

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