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28 December 2013

Time's Change...

I've been trawling through the hard drives that are not yet packed, searching for images.  It's amazing how much things can change over what can feel like a relatively short 2 year period.  I saw James and Anthony Cummings on Monday, when I was doing a commissioned shoot for a client.  James is warm and friendly towards me, and we were in his stables, watching some horses being looked at.  The yard is spick and span, and has a clean and healthy feel about it.  Every horse's stable has a mirror in it, placed over the feed bin, to make the horses keener about eating.  I often wish Freelance needed a little bit more encouraging, she almost bowled me over this evening when I fed her and was pawing the ground and nickering crossly at me, telling me I was taking far too long.

I didn't see Mr Cummings of course, as he's rarely at the stables these days.  I haven't been to Leilani Lodge in years.  I just fell out of the habit of doing such things in Sydney.  But in my travels just now, I stumbled across these images.  Taken on 12 October 2011, on Thousand Guineas Day.  How things change.....

Speaking of changing times..  I just bumped into my neighbours Paddy and Von next door.    But as I went back inside, I suddenly reflected on conversations I'd had with them when I moved in.  They've had trouble with previous troublesome tennants who occupied this tiny house before us.  I gather we were a welcome relief, and they've commented a number of times that they are sad to see us go.

But I remember saying when we first moved in, as I did to my real estate agent in March when they offered me another 12 month lease and I instead elected to go month to month, that we intended to move to Melbourne by the end of the year.  Have you ever said to yourself you'd like to achieve something, be it huge like this, or just significant?  And then sat and done nothing, because somehow it was easier to keep going the way you were?  I have, but I am so glad that I didn't give up on the dream, and that we've fought for what was important to us.

I turn to pack another box, starting now on the kitchen.  The heat that has built steadily in our little house, and my back which has begun hurting because of all the heavy boxes I've packed and then lifted today, makes it feel harder than it did at the start of the day....  I am almost out of boxes though, I think I have 4 or 5 empty ones left, and my mind is beginning to do a tiny panic about where to get more from.  I'm hoping that the lovely Rob at the Post Office comes to my rescue with some when I go in, as he suggested, when they open on Monday...

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