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08 December 2013

28.. Let the packing begin...

I'm back from the Hunter Valley, after breaking the trip in Sydney by staying at my Mum's house.  I still felt stupidly tired on what really is a short drive between Sydney and Canberra.  It's only just over 3 hours, and I had to stop twice.  Slightly pathetic really and I should toughen up..  But the fatigue got to me a bit, which worries me when I'm driving so I played safe.

On my return, I tidied up the things that needed doing, then went and collected Jessie from her playdate. They are a lovely family and Jessica and Sarah are firm friends.  We stopped off and did groceries on our way home, and then unpacked everything.  I then spent an hour putting things away, cleaning my fridge and freezer out, as well as doing the bins.  That entailed me having a go at the garage, and making sure the bin is full to the brim with unwanted things.  The ruthlessness is continuing, but I drew the line at throwing out some of my university things, and some old books I found from my childhood (ok, ok, lots of them were about horses..... point taken!)  I think books you read as a child enter your being more than any others, and I like to believe my own kids might pick them up as well.  

I often wonder if my fascination for horses is a little bit character shaping, and is perhaps why I might persevere with things and people that were disappointing.  Have you ever come away from a first date feeling a bit let down, but still went ahead with it because you felt that there was something there with the person even though the reality didn't match your expectations?  Horses are a bit like this.  You find yourself making excuses for them, and trying to practice patience.  On occasions far too much of this happened, and the horse stayed when really I should have cut and run. A sentimentalist, and not a realist??  I'm not sure.  But perhaps being more ruthless is a quality I need to drastically improve on.   I am certainly trying to do when it comes to our move!

This is my 'new boy', Harbour Watch.  I loved him.  No paddock for him (alas!) because of his injury that forced his premature retirement.  He's pretty though...


I packed 2 boxes this evening...   I've officially started packing.

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