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03 December 2013


I feel a bit lost today. I'm grabbing 5 mins on my little stool in my kitchen. The kids and I need to leave for swimming shortly. My house is hot. I've had it closed up as best I can but it has still hit 26 degrees inside and I know that it will get worse before it gets better. At least my fans, which I brought in from the tiny shed, still work. 

Dan's busted-ass exhaust pipe has been welded up. He sounds far less mean and tough now. I winced when I checked my bank account. This is such an expensive time of year made worse by an expensive time for us. I will just have enough money to get Dan there and back. I'm glad the farm is paying my accommodation. Touch wood they'll pay my meals up front too, if not I might be going hungry. A glance at the date this week has made me feel far less like eating anyway. 


The strange feeling continues at swimming. It's re-enrolling week this week both at swimming and at horse riding. We're not re-enrolling though, of course, because we leave in January. I don't have the names of places I can phone yet that will be nearby our house and school in Melbourne. I'm hoping to get some names this week and to try to get them booked in before the year's out.

I'm nearly packed for my trip to Murrurundi tomorrow.  

Babies..  I'll be spending some time photographing some lovely babies at Emirates Park.  Looking forward to seeing some Dream Ahead foals.

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