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20 December 2013

18, 17 ... South... 16... back North.. for now...

We are back in Canberra after 3 days down on the Peninsula.  Our house was very hot, and 32 degrees inside when we arrived home.  Canberra has no respite like Melbourne did today.  And now it's 10pm, and still 31 degrees inside.  And there's nothing that I can do to fix it.  Canberra will be relentlessly hot for the next week.  I have 2 days at home, which I need to spend packing.  I looked at the forecast for Sydney for Monday.  I want to cry....  38 degrees. I am on a 6.45am flight and have 20 horses to photograph for Anthony Cummings.  All fiddly conformation shots.

On a roaringly hot day yesterday in Melbourne where it was 40 degrees in town, and slightly cooler where we will live on the Peninsula, Jessica and I got up early, and I popped her on Lyn's grey Arab Khadet, and lunged her.  It was Jessica's first ride on the little grey, who's a kind and good horse.  I'd worked Archie, the horse I'll spend time with and on, the night before, and came away thinking he and I will have some fun.  He's a nice bright bay horse.  He's much taller than Freelance.  I am tiny, and need the mounting block to get on him.  He's going to be fun though.

Then the kids and I  attended their step up day at Balnarring Primary School.  They went really well.  They've met their teachers, and made some friends, and seen their new classrooms.  They are on a class list.  It feels surreal, but nice..... And realer, and realer as the day of our move grows closer. 

Later in the day we went with Lyn to see our new house.  It's just lovely.  It has a tiny courtyard backyard, and that's a little compromise, but it's temporary until we buy a house.  It's lovely and new, and it's got a lovely kitchen.  I have a ceiling fan in my bedroom, which Jessica tried to claim as her own, the little toad..  I also have an ensuite, what luxury, and we have a dishwasher.  For far less rent than we pay for here in Canberra.  It's a nonsense isn't it!  But the kids and I will spend a reasonable amount of time at Lyn's place with it's lovely greenness and space.  Heath raked the menage twice, he's loves those jobs and the changes in him are noticeable.  And we have the beach, so our little backyard isn't going to be a problem.  It's low maintenance too.

Friday in Melbourne was cooler.  Lyn, Jessica and I got up early to ride.  Heath came across as well.  I lunged Jessica again on Cadet, and they went even better than they had the day before.  Then Lyn and I worked Boz and Archie.  Archie was far more inclined to carry on.  He's not had a great deal of work in the menage, and was distracted and wanted to boggle at Boz.  Eventually he settled and worked far better.  I find myself stewing, that I now can't work him for another month at least.

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