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26 December 2013

10: Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day, and historically I might have spent some of the day watching the cricket, it's not a feature for me this year..  Instead, I packed more boxes.  I made a little bit more progress in Heath's room (ok, not much) before moving into Jessica's room and beginning on culling more of her many things.  I also emptied out her chest of drawers, which are HOPELESSLY broken and make me want to pull my hair out, and at times had me in despair, actually wishing there was someone handy who could have just helped me fix them each time the front of the various drawers came off.  And I emptied out her cupboard, also broken, and happily now surplus to requirements, because our new house has built-ins!  

To my joy, my lovely, lovely friend Brad came over.  He brought his trailer.  And his lawn mower and his whipper-snipper thingy.  Tears pricked my eyes when he knocked on my front door and greeted me with a hug.  There's been a little bit of heartbreak this last 12 months, and it's been a rocky 2 years, and at each step, he's come and helped me with the stuff you need a man friend to do, and my kids.  And he hugs me when I get down, and that's a nice quality for a friend to have.

Brad stayed for 2 hours.  My lawn in spick and span (it's suddenly so dry and brown, that's probably a good thing as it won't need mowing again for our final inspection).  The edges are done, although I still need to spray the weeds and pull them out of the garden beds (yuk, I despise weeding).  We've put the green waste in empty feed sacks.  And he helped me take out the broken things out of Jessica's room, so that I have some more room to pack boxes.  Afterwards we sat out the front, on my front steps, and had something to eat and a cup of tea.  And talked about the past and more importantly, the future. 

My house is now an absolute obstacle course.  It's small anyway, and it doesn't take much to see us weaving to walk a path through it, despite my efforts to keep it looking nice.  I have bags out the front.  Boxes inside.  Things half emptied.  My head hurts with the effort of it all, and it's all got to keep happening, and faster.  There are more bags of things to take to the Salvos, to Noelene and her grandchildren across the road.  The kids' old school bags are full to the brim with their old red and white and black school uniforms, which we will give to Sam and Rod for their kids. 

Possibly the biggest hit of all the presents???  The "Fart Gun", from Despicable Me 2....  fantastic....

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