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26 December 2013

11: Christmas

Christmas is almost over.  I wouldn't say it's been an easy one, and it won't go down as my favourite.  But it was lovely to see my kids walk back through my door.  Lunch at my brother's house was really nice.  When we got in the car, Talon again hugged me for ages, and then asked "am I going to see you again, when are you going".  So I quickly reassured him that we are still several weeks from being 'gone' from Canberra, given the crazy backwards and forwards days that will be my January.

My world seems a vastly different place to the one I sat looking out from this day last year.  I've had many moments where I doubted I could do all this, and negotiate a route that was passable, but at times hard to gain traction on. The patches of slippery mud that rose up from time to time made me skid and spin backwards, sometimes losing the hard earned inches we had made.  What's that saying again, about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and setting off again?  I seem to have done a bit of that this year.

After today my time will be spent packing in earnest.  Tomorrow I will pack the majority of Heath's Lego, which I hope will see me spending less time on my hands and knees. I didn't pack any boxes, but I did vacuum the house, in particular Heath's room, today. I can hear you questioning me gently as to whether I bought any new Lego sets for Christmas...  I bite my lip and whisper, perhaps a touch defiantly, "yes I did". He's got 2 new Lord of the Rings sets. Am I my own worst enemy? Perhaps I am.  But he does love his Lego.

I had some nice messages yesterday and today.  I took a few photos from today, but they can wait until tomorrow:
"I was moved by your Christmas Eve blog and hope that today will be filled with joy.  May 2014 be kind to you and your children.  The adventures ahead of you may be somewhat daunting in anticipation but what excitement awaits you!  Sharing Black Caviar and your own personal journey through the year has been very special for me".
This year I received a birthday card, within an envelope which used a stamp that bore a photograph I took.  That's not an everyday occurrence, and it was nice that my friend Susan went to the extra trouble of using that particular stamp.
"Hope you have a wonderful New Year! Hope we still get some Sydney visits!! #youramelbournegirlnow" - from Hayley.
Ok, even I couldn't help sort of liking this particular hashtag, despite the crucial missing apostrophe which has gone absent without leave!  Where's the red pen?', I hear you ask!!  Hayley's in Scotland catching up with her family, and yes, I assured her, there will still be Sydney work and Sydney visits to be had.
"Merry Christmas Bron. Good on you for grinding out the year.  2014 promises new horizons & joys to savour. You're a special person. May you enjoy happiness all your own. Lots of love, Brendan xx"
Brendan rarely gets an apostrophe wrong. He writes his columns for The Australian with great skill, and is a nice person who's health I worry about. He also sticks his head out for me when he thinks he can get some of my work published, which is pretty ace of him. 
While I was waiting (impatiently) for the kids to fall asleep, I did a little bit more sorting out and working on images I took at Emirates Park.  I am getting a little overdue in finishing these, and now of course I don't feel remotely sleepy.

Harbour Watch
Al Maher
"Oh please, please, look around, and stand still for just a milisecond more"....  Harbour Watch.  A complete fidget..  I was almost at begging stage by now.  He wanted to take all of his hair off, piece by piece.  A little like Helmet???  And then he suddenly stood, like a rock..
Harbour Watch.  If I was being picky I'd say I wanted his head to be lower, but given the hassle to get him to stand in one place, let alone with his feet in roughly the right places, this was ok...  Sometimes beggars cannot be choosers...
"Almost Christmas" -  21 December 2013: with the Famous Pony, and other friends that weekend.

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