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15 December 2013

21: Black Horses & Skating Backwards.

I went out to the Carlos clinic yesterday with the kids. I photographed Fenella and Pirate's lesson and then we all had dinner back with Fen and Evan.  Fen and Evan, and working with them at Dunstone Design, are another hard part about leaving Canberra.  Since I've been working with them I can naturally slip into a proper converation with them about the showroom and the furniture, and I feel like I've learnt a great deal about the world of fine furniture, and they say they will miss me a great deal as well.

I knew that going to Fenella's dressage clinics would bite me..  I've often said before that, for me, horses are like a drug.. Not that I ever meddled with drugs at all..  Photographing horses is wonderful and I truly love it.  But it isn't enough.  And believe me, I know all about the concept of wanting more...   I want to ride like Fenella is again, and have a horse like hers..  And have photographs like this of me riding.  A black horse???  Can you imagine it?  Would it make you smile? It would make me smile... 

My lower back started hurting this afternoon.  I must have aggravated it packing boxes and lifting them, and I had a cup of tea on my kitchen stool late morning, and when I'm sore that's not brilliant for me.   I'd organised for Jessica to have some of her friends over today and ice skating was on our agenda.  So despite my sore back, I took myself and 5 children ice skating for the afternoon session.

Jessica's three best friends Tilly, Sarah and Lucy, come with us.  Jessica now flits around daintily like a butterfly, gliding and darting around the ice.  Lucy is tiny, and it's only her 2nd time.  She says she loves coming with us.  She skated with me quite a bit, and gradually got her confidence.  At the end we were all in the centre, with another couple of girls, practicing spinning!

I finally remembered how to skate backwards!  I also skated a lot on the inner circle, practicing crossing my legs over as I went around the circle.  It was really quiet, so we almost had the rink to ourselves.  I can cross my leg over on the circle pretty comfortably skating around to the left.  Going to the right is another matter!  Wobbling, and laughing.  Strangely I ride my horse far better on the right rein and and am all at sea on the left rein, but with ice skating I am the opposite. Where's the logic in that!  Heath didn't spend the whole time on the ice, but he skated with me quite a bit.  Again, I don't push him, but I love seeing him get more stable and I love it when he skates around with me holding my hand. 

This time I took my camera out on the ice and skating with my D4 and 70-200mm lens slung over my shoulder was no drama.  I'm definitely far more stable these days.  Each time I skate by the end of the session I can feel myself picking up speed and stability.  And goodness am I excited about the backwards thing!  Lucy, Sarah and Tilly all talked to me about how much they will miss Jessica.  Heath hasn't had the same close friendships.  I hope he will find some nice friends at Balnarring.  

Fenella riding Pirate in her lesson with Carlos de Cleermaecker.  It was the first time I'd watched one of his lessons.  He teaches in the same vein as our old coach Edgar Litchwark.  Was I impressed?  Yes I was..  And I've never seen Pirate work better, he's looking fabulous. 

Fenella (left) and Gillian (right).  We used to all keep our horses stabled in the old barn at the property where I still keep Freelance, Bibaringa.  In those days we had Gemlee, Lucy and Tickles.  Yesterday felt just like the old days, the 3 of us together..  Sigh, except that I had no horse there and wasn't riding.  Gillian is moving interstate too, except she's moving for love, and going much further.  She's moving to Perth when she gets a job.  I hope it works out for her.



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