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22 December 2013


I recently got a friend request on Facebook from a guy who used to work in the paper industry, and because he was 'friends' with several of my Facebook 'friends', I accepted.  He's one of those people who's posts I always enjoy.  They push you to think, and he's often onto the big issues, and I like that, because it stimulates your mind.  I'm currently finding the evening news on television too difficult to watch.  I'm either cooking dinner when it comes on, and my tiny kitchen shuts me off from absolutely everything when I'm in there (the new one will be VERY different!), or we are eating dinner, and I don't really like having the news on with the kids around.  They frequently find the content upsetting.  

It's a funny change from when we were growing up, although in all honesty, Mum and Dad may well have shielded us as well.  But I have clear recollections of the evening news coming on (yes, you guessed it, the ABC News, we didn't watch the commercial stations very much) after the Goodies and Doctor Who.  Once the news was on, it was silence because our parents were watching it.  I guess we are a far more child dictated world now, a position I try not to allow myself to sink in to too much, because raising spoilt, self centred children who only ever think of themselves is not my style of parenting. Having said that, I don't like them witnessing national emergencies and disasters and murders, etc.  I still think it's too much.

Anyway, back to Gordon.   I liked the photo (see below) that he shared today with a couple of definitions of FEAR...  Are you in the habit of the first meaning, or the second meaning?  Were you fearful of what the future could have held?  Did you turn and run screaming in the other direction, to what you already knew?  Better the devil you knew??  Or did you turn and face it, and instead of forever wondering 'What If????' and decided to instead think 'Why Not?'  I'm not immune to moment's of panic about whether I have made the right choices.  For example I recently had a moment's panic in the staff room at the kids' Step Up Day at Balnarring, suddenly short of breath and worrying was I doing the right thing?  Will the grass be greener on the other side?  I hope it is, and that it doesn't wilt in the heat.....

In other news, I'm narrowly missing the first race start of the Famous Sister.  Belle Couture has her first race at Bendigo today.  Alas and woe....  I'd hoped, after earlier discussions with the stable who were keeping me in the loop, that the filly would head to Seymour on the 19th.  They decided that Bendigo today was a better option, which had me pacing the room a little bit.  I'd really hoped to be there for her first race, but it just wasn't possible.  The most I can offer readers is some images resulting from a little sneak peek I was allowed last Wednesday, but asked by the stable to sit quietly on until today.  This is the tall and rangy filly having a swim at Flemington on Wednesday.  I hope she goes well today.  

What's the temperature inside my little house, I hear you ask???  Well, it's almost 30 degrees outside.  I got it to 21 degrees overnight.  It creeps up and up inside, albeit a little more slowly than yesterday.  It's reached 25 degrees..  I know, it will get worse and I just have to put up with it.

Christmas thunders closer.  I'm about to pop out and do a bit of final Christmas shopping.  I'm struggling with Christmas more than a little bit this year.  I read a nice Blog post saying it really is just December.  But it's hard, this one, this year....  Really hard...  And I don't like that it is....


The filly Belle Couture ran 2nd. A different type up her Famous Big Sister. I am out so caught up with the result on Twitter unfortunately. There are many things I dislike about this social media. I hate the so called "clever" use of hash tag speak. I think they appear to lower the user's IQ by a lot. And I hate them. And I hate the instant criticism that comes out. I've not seen the result but it seemed, at least on face value, that it wasn't the complete disaster some are writing it up as. 

Belle Couture (Redoute's Choice - Helsinge) arrives at the Flemington Pool for a swim.  Her handler Gerard was terrific.
Belle Couture (Redoute's Choice - Helsinge) swimming on Wednesday 18 December.

Decent built ins...
Main bathroom.  Look at how large that lovely bath is.....
Living area.  Not quite sure where to put my desk/office.
See that....  there????  That's a DISHWASHER!!!!  Impressed????
Gas cooktops??  Do you think I will burn things?????
Our front
Jessica riding Khadet

I started unpacking the pantry/storage shelves last night in our strange European style laundry.  I won't miss this feature one little bit....  True to form, Maxie has to check it out.

"What about all of this crap????  You haven't finished yet...."

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  1. We watched Belle Couture and cheered her on. Is she taller than Nelly? On the telly she looks quite different to Nelly ... longer and leaner. I did see the trainer say he thought she would race over longer distances than Nelly. She is a stunning young lady ... gorgeous photos.
    Lovely house, good luck with the gas though ... I came from all electric and have served a few "burnt offerings" in Melbourne. It is great once you get the hang of it.
    And Maxie...what is it with pure breds? My daughter's British Shorthair could be Maxie's twin. Suki is always in whatever cupboard you have open. Suki stays with us occasionally and I've lost count of the number of times we've "lost" her ... once we back-track to whatever cupboard we last had open, the "lost" becomes the "found".