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12 December 2013


Here's another great article on that subject that you know is precious to me.  Sorry, not the horse racing one..  The White House..  I love this stuff...  In Ford's White House: From the photographer.

In other news, last night I worked frantically on images from last week's stallion shoot.  Before I went to bed, close to midnight again, I hit the 'transmit' button to see them on their way.  I've had a sudden reprieve though, because the photoshoot involving 20 horses that was organised by a client at the last minute has had to be rescheduled (to the week before Christmas, groan...).  So I no longer have to drive to Sydney at the end of a long day and that's probably not a bad thing.

At least now I can tackle the packing of the boxes properly this weekend because I simply must get ahead with this packing process before it snowballs on me.  I solved the Christmas Tree dilemma though.  We have bought a Christmas Tree in a pot, and we will take it to Melbourne with us!  And while it is only small this year, it is a nice little tree, and cost not much more than a chopped down one would have, and will do us just nicely this year.  And I won't have to dispose of it before we move.  Hurrah!

Finally, a subject that can amuse or exasperate me, which I'm currently working hard on!  Spelling and grammar, or the lack thereof.  Some examples make me laugh, either affectionately because you might know and be fond of the person, or in exasperation.  For example:  On the enjoyment of photographs, should you use the word "savior", meaning that the photograph is going to come  to your salvation??  Perhaps you actually mean "savor", as in the verb, meaning to enjoy (as apposed to 'savour' the noun, to taste!)?

Similarly, the use (or lack thereof!) of apostrophes is often a disaster, as is the tendency to switch tense constantly.  I admit to committing some crimes when I'm writing a post in a hurry or on my iPhone with its small screen and the touch screen which I make so many typing mistakes on.  I usually spot them fairly quickly (or hope that somebody else who's nice to me will, like my ace sister, so that I don't look silly!), frown at myself then go and correct it as soon as I can.

When I worked at CSIRO my boss John Radcliffe, or "JCR" as everyone called him, was a stickler for good grammar.  If anyone wrote a briefing note for him with an apostrophe where it wasn't supposed to go, the briefing note would come back, with the offending word and apostrophe circled in red pen and the word 'feral' written next to it.  As a result considerable effort went into the correct use of apostrophes to avoid being struck by that famous red pen.  I'm sure you'll laugh at how much it bothered me when one of my briefing notes came back with a red circle!  The Office Manager would pay particular attention to the supply of Artline red fineliners.  It was not a stationary item that we were allowed to run out of!

Why am I writing about this?  It's because I'm in the process of writing an article that the editor of Racetrack Magazine has asked me to contribute to the next issue, talking about my involvement with the Famous Pony Black Caviar.  I'm worried that I will make a grammar mistake and my mum, or someone equally as diligent like Gerard Whateley reads it, because I'm sure they will notice it straight away!!  And quite rightly!  Can I still feel the presence of JCR's hovering red pen when I ponder the use of an apostrophe??  You bet your life I do!  One wonders whether JCR is a member of this club??  The Apostrophe Protection Society.  Have a look at this website.  It made me laugh...


I'm suddenly feeling tired and defeated.   It's been a trying day today, for various reasons, and my world is filled with anxiety until we are safely in Melbourne.   And then this evening I discover  I'm being charged for a hotel room that had been booked because I was originally going to stay in Scone on Saturday night but ended up being finished in time to not require it.  I should have been able to cancel it in enough time to not incur a charge.  However Stud asked me not to cancel it after the rain put us behind so that we had the option of continuing on the Saturday morning.

On Friday afternoon I was able to make the decision that we could cancel the room because we had made good time that day.  However the hotel (understandably and they've always been very good to me) explained apologetically that due to the late cancellation they would have to charge for the room.  I asked the Stud if they would pay the extra night, seeing as they asked me to delay cancelling it, which is what lead to me being charged.  And they have just refused.  I guess $171 isn't much to the farm but it's a huge amount to me right now, and amounts to Christmas presents at this time of year which I'm struggling to afford.  I hang my head in despair, but don't have the energy to fight it.....

To take my mind off it, I put on a DVD...  the Man from Snowy River (just for fun), and packed another 3 boxes.  They are books from my big wall unit, mostly horse ones, plus some books about President Kennedy.  There's still at least one more box before the books are all packed.  Alas you don't actually fit many books in a box.  Then there are all the negative folders, that's at least 2 boxes (yes, I'm trying to remember, not too full, not too full, they will be too heavy....).  My racebooks need boxing up, as do my folders containing my filing.  After this I can tackle the bedrooms in earnest.  

Harbour Watch
Harbour Watch
Harbour Watch
Roses at Emirates Park.  Apparently I am over watering my special cyclamen plant on my window sill..  But it's still alive!!!  Go little plant.. It likes me!

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  1. The feral apostrophe had been corrected. Thank you for pointing that out. Making alterations and editing late at night not good for anyone. I did see the reference to loose rather than lose. #notsmartenough