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31 December 2013

5: Sore Heads...

Last night was a rough night.  When I was finally falling asleep, at close to 5am, I was beginning to hear those special bird sounds that you only hear just before dawn, when I am often getting up to chase a pony through a lens.  Jessica woke me only about 2 hours later, with a spikey fever of 39.5 degrees after that, and her tummy feeling sick.  Thankfully there has been no more vomiting and I've managed to get the fever down again.  Heath got up, saw the bucket with Jessica by the lounge, and asked me with genuine fear in his voice what was wrong with Jessica.  I swiftly reassured my diabetic son, who like me is so frightened of him being laid low with a vomiting attack, that it was just due to the fever and that I was sure the vomiting was viral.  He circled warily, like a suspicious cat, and went and sat at the table instead.

I've just cleaned my bathroom, and emptied everything out of it.  Of course the bath and vanity will need cleaning again, as will the shower.  I'm not feeling like I've made much progress this morning in the end, and I feel myself paddling all of a sudden.  My tummy is sore, and I feel miserable, although I know at this point it's not viral, and I'm tripping over boxes every way I turn.  I checked my bank account through my fingers last night, and groaned when I did the calculations in my head of the removalist truck, etc..  There is a hole in my bucket...  

Incidentally, have a look at the 3rd photo.  It's a little sad and sorry putting this on your car, which is pretty outrageous anyway, and making such a mistake with the spelling.  I hope it makes you smile and laugh, and not scowl.  I have in the past tried to gently point spelling errors out and help them correct it, but sometimes it's misinterpreted as implying you don't think the individual in question is smart enough.  People can be inclined to feel a bit shouty and offended, and deliberately whack my head clean off in retaliation.. As a general rule I would never suggest as person isn't smart just because they can't spell.  A couple of my friends, including VERY close ones, can't spell to save their life.  And I fear my son will be a poor speller, even though he's blazingly smart in his own way, so I'd never necessarily equate spelling with intellect. And I have always done my best to never deliberately hurt or upset people (although I guess speaking bluntly and saying what I think can get me into trouble at times).  Of course there are people you I think are incurably stupid (or insensitive), just because they are..  


The 2 hours sleep catches up with me, and I've begun to feel terribly tired.  I popped down to the Post Office to bank some cheques (so that I can pay for the removalist on Saturday).  They said I looked tired.  I asked worriedly if they thought I looked terrible?  And they said they would never say that, but that I looked distinctly more worn out than I did 2 days ago when I collected the last set of boxes.  Rob gave me some more boxes, including some more larger ones, which was good, because I am down to teeny tiny ones.  I'm tired of shouty messages, and don't want the removalist men to shout at me for too many small boxes.  My back aches, as it gets sorer and sorer.  The linen and towels are packed, aside from the ones we're using, and I'm trying to have things washed by the end of the week so that we start with clean sheets.  Jessica's fever spiked again, back up to almost 39 degrees, and we realised that she'd forgotten to take her Panadol.  That's a relief, because I'd begun wringing my hands in despair, thinking her fever had spiked despite her being at the limit of what I could reasonably give her to relieve her discomfort.  

We are on our own for New Year's Eve.  Just like last year.....  Jessica's sick, and I'm so tired, both physically and emotionally, and I hope I'll be asleep earlier tonight.  I am doing what my friends and family have said.  I'm focusing on tomorrow, being New Year's Day which I hope will be a better year, not New Year's Eve...

Surely this means that 2014 is going to be a better year for me. 
This is a classic.  


  1. That's funny! Apologies for shouty message. mutal friend, one of the best subs in the business. Hope you are feeling better.

  2. Nufing rong wiv thu spelling ... lol.

    1. Dear Liz.. It's always lovely to hear from you, thanx for your lovely messages. I hope you've had a lovely Christmas and New Year. Ours has been very quiet. Jessica wasn't well enough to go out last night, and I was too tired from a bad night and just didn't feel like going out on our own. Here's to 2014. xxx