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07 December 2013

30... 29.... Southward Bound

I'm about to leave Willow Park and Murrurundi. It's a nice little spot of the world. It's so green. I've never seen it look this good. 

I'm tired. I have a half day shoot at Arrowfield this morning.  Then home. I have the option if stopping half way in Sydney. That's the smart thing to do. The homesick part of me, who's just done 4 days solo just wants to go home. Probably the worst part of traveling and working on your own is eating on your own. Particularly in December. It's a fact of life of these stud trips. I took my laptop each night so I didn't feel quite so obvious. And the hotel staff were just ace. Graze. What a fabulous place to stay and eat. 

Nelson Mandela died yesterday. It gave the girl who grew up in Canberra and studied political science much to think about. A remarkable individual. "May your Choices reflect your Hopes...  And not your Fears". Nelson Mandela. 

I look up. Remind myself that I have to do a UTurn and drive the OTHER way. Take a deep breath. And drive off. Good boy Dan....

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