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28 December 2013

8: Explaining the Countdown

I should explain that it's actually only 7 sleeps until the trucks turn up.  The 8 relates to the next day when we all fly down to set it all up.  Want to know what my next several weeks looks like?  It's completely stupid, and makes me tired even thinking about it, and that's before I finish packing all the boxes.  It was said to me during that last move, that even my messages sounded tired.  And there were times when I sat in despair thinking "I don't know what to do next, I'm confused...", although of course there were other complicating factors involved then.  There's still all sorts of complications, but they are of a different nature.  Some though still make me despair though, and in certain ways, I had thought there would be a different feel to our move, and that it is not is still hard and I wish it wasn't the case.

Between now and the 4th it is packing.  The trucks turn up and the 4th.  They load it all up and drive it down to the Peninsula.  They will arrive around 8am on the 5th.  My friend Lyn will collect the keys on the 3rd and meet the Removalists there on the 5th.

The kids and I also fly down on the 5th.  I can't remember what time we leave or land.  We will have an empty house on the night of the 4th and so will stay with friends or with Tom.  Well, there will be a car-full of our things, which will stay with us until the Final Leg, with Dan and Maxie, but I can't focus on that, because of all the hurdles to jump between now and setting off on the 'Final Drive South'.

The kids and I stay down at our new house until the 7th.  My sister and her family will we think be able to come and help us get it set up.  And I hope to have some other friends, and of course Lyn and Deb have offered to help.  I wish I didn't have to wait until after The Final Drive to see and ride Archie again, somehow being suddenly reminded of the bright bay horse in her paddocks.  But you know that horses are never far from my mind, don't you?  Is that a bad thing?  I don't know, but they constantly cause my mind to dart off and wander, and to make my face break out in a beaming smile, and prattle on excitedly about.  I can't help, even when I try not to bore others stupid with it....

On the 7th the kids and I will fly back to Canberra.  I really hope that my sister and her family can use our new house for their family beach holiday. It will be set up ok by then and I hope they can get to know the beaches around Balnarring etc instead of their usual Queenscliff holiday which they can't do this summer. 

I have until the 9th to get this tiny (and hurrah just about empty) house cleaned and inspected and keys handed back.  On the 9th I also need to be able to drive to Sydney.  Either with Maxie if he can be minded here (he can only be minded here if there are people around and if it's before the the carpet cleaners come through) or to meet him.  My mum is going to mind him at her place while the kids are at Tathra.

On the 10th, I will fly (from Sydney)to the Gold Coast, to photograph for Magic Millions.  I'm actually really pleased I'm going to be so busy, and therefore likely dog tired, over January.  It will keep me from recollecting certain events, which I'm certain I will do.  It's a little bit like Spring, the freshly cut grass still reminds me of being a child and laying on the ovals after they had mowed.  I think my brain just works that way, with little triggers that remind me of certain things at certain times.  Ok, sometimes they are HUGE  triggers, I hate those ones...  Look Forwards, not backwards, is what I'm told to do..  I guess it's good advice....  

And being busy will also stop me from worrying because while I'm at the Gold Coast working, my kids will go to Tathra camping with their Dad.  This is an annual holiday and while the timing makes it complicated for starting school and relocating, it's important that they go.  I don't particularly enjoy them not being with me, and like most mothers I'll spend some of the time worrying about things, so being busy will also help me here. 

I'll probably be on the Gold Coast for betwen 3-5 days.  3 days working, then my friend Natasha and I were hoping to just be able to spend a bit of time together after we finish at the sales.  And my other friend, one of the stallion grooms at Darley (actually I don't think he's working there anymore), wants to hang about too, and that's fun.  And seeing as I'll have no house to come back too, and no children, and can't begin on "The Final Leg" until the week after, I figure why not...  There's that little thing of a swim with a dolphin I remember talking excitedly about.  I couldn't justify the money (or thought I couldn't) and so buggerised around and didn't book it and then they sold out.  So we'll see....

After I get back from the Gold Coast I'll stay in Sydney for a little while, then return to Canberra.  Maxie is the complication, unless Noelene can have him stay at her place.  I probably cannot collect the kids from Tathra until Tuesday 21st January.  So that would see us finally starting The Final Leg on Wednesday 22nd January.

Does your head hurt from reading all of that???  Mine still does, and I've been wrangling with it for a month now!

I find myself, after making my cup of tea, sitting on my kitchen stool again. Contemplating my oven...  Which reminds me that I need to spray it in preparation for leaving. I've used it pretty sparingly since the last house inspection to make it an easier job. My brother Tom and the boys are driving to Melb today too family for a few days. I can be a little rudderless without him, because this last 12 month he's become the rudder when I get lost (darn stupid compass!!) but I hope they have a great time...

And my first packing achievement for the day?  All the notes, drawings, awards from the fridges. The best and most poignant ones stored safely in the box of the kids' artwork. "Count on Me" plays gently over my Sony speaker. 
"If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see, I'll be the light to guide you... You can count on me, like 1, 2, 3.. I'll be there..  And I know when I need it I can count on you, like 4, 3, 2.... And You'll be there.. Because that's what friends are supposed to do..."
When I opened my email this morning I found this email from my US friend Greg, with a little "I don't want anyone to feel left out..."..  He's gorgeous..  I'll put it on Facebook tonight.  I'm not logging in much at present again..  My fabulous brother Tom took the original images, on our Famous Front Steps, on Heath and Doctor Who's Birthday..
Matching set...  I love them..

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