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27 December 2013

New beds

I'm feeling flushed with triumph today.  I decided 'bugger it' I would try to buy the kids new beds.   They have been sleeping on hand-me-downs ever since they were born.  Even their cots weren't brand new.  I know lots of first time mothers and parents who spend a fortune on brand new furniture, which I wasn't ever able to do.  These are the first brand new bits of furniture I've bought in so long, well, I can't remember what was the last piece... 

Having spent a fair bit of time thinking about it, and becoming increasingly frustrated with the broken state of what seem to be a lot of things, I made some enquiries last night online, and then received a follow up phone call this morning.  I did a little bit more looking into it online again today once I'd been given the run through on the options and the prices, out we went to Harvey Norman.  I have to say, they were ace.  It took over an hour, but I finally came away with 2 beds.  Jessica has a brand new bunk bed (she's been DYING to have a bunk bed....), and Heath has a King Single with a trundle underneath.  I thought for him that was the best option, as he's 12 now.  I'm serious about the kids being finally able to have friends and family over for sleep overs.  For example, when my brother and the boys visit Melbourne, I want them to be able to stay with us.  Same if my sister, and co want to come and visit us, or if they want to go away and the boys spend the weekend with us.  Not to mention being able, finally, to have friends over for a sleep over.

Here are the beds we chose..  What do you think??  Good plan????  I like to think so....  They will be delivered on the 2nd, in time for the trucks to load them with the other things on the 4th.  Their existing beds will likely go to the tip, although we'll keep their existing mattresses as the spare beds in the short term.  But the plan will be to get new mattresses asap.

Heath's new trundle bed, which is a king single.  I bought him a new mattress too.  Ps ...  NOT our beds or bedrooms!
Jessica's new bunk bed.  Also with a new single mattress.

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