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23 December 2013

13.. From the Airport

Want to know how hot it stayed inside my house last night until we went to bed?  Stubbornly at 31 degrees.  The evil temperature outside finally, and grudgingly, began to fall after 10pm.  I didn't sleep well, with Jessica in my bed, the heat and my alarm which was set for 4.45am. 

I got up at 4.30am in the end.  Maxie meowed in delight when he heard me (banished to the laundry, the little bad ass).  I went straight to the themometer thingy, and scowled when I read it was still 25 degrees inside.  I hope they won't be too uncomfortable in my house today, and they should be helped by a cooler day.  The BOM is saying Canberra will be 26 degrees today.  Alas I won't be enjoying the cooler day though, the heat is following me, or rather, I appear to be following the heat, darn it.   But I did see with a little bit of relief that Camden, which is where I am doing half of the horses I am photographing today, is going to be slightly cooler and 'only' 35 degrees.  Then back to Randwick to do the rest, before catching my return plane home from Sydney at 7.30pm.

Christmas draws another day closer.  We have this little Christmas tree in a pot now, but it's not decorated yet.  As I've said, I'm struggling with Christmas this year.  Yes, I know, I know, its just another day, right???  The Facebook page for Bronwen Healy Photography is being neglected at the moment too.  It's all a little bit too hard at present.

My friend Greg sent this to me yesterday. He's clever and talented on the computer. I am clever and talented behind my lens!


I am sitting in the Max Brenner chocolate shop across from Randwick waiting for Louis, who needed to speak with the client for 10 mins. I'm having a "Pink Granita". It is insanely good. Strawberries and passionfruit. In a very fancy cup. 

When I return to the stables, a young stable hand strikes up a conversation with me, asking for advice on Christmas presents for a girl friend.  He's been putting a lot of thought into it and has already bought a dress (knowing the dress size too) and is thinking of nice earrings too. I smiled softly, and said most girls would be pretty pleased with a gift like  that. It's hard not to impressed I thought to myself. 

I feel like I dodged a bullet with the heat today. It's been hot, but we were finished at Camden by midday and that was before the temperature climbed up to 37. And by the time we started with the Randwick horses, although it was hot and sticky when we arrived, the wind that suddenly changed direction was blissfully cooler. That, and the mostly overcast skies for almost all day, helped me greatly.  I'll be heading back for the airport soon, and I think we can largely call it a successful day. 

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