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09 December 2013


The nice man from Windscreens O'Brien has arrived to change Dan's windscreen.  Are you impressed?  The crack is impressive.  The process has reminded me that his registration is due for renewal on 14 January.  And this in turn reminded me with a sharp jolt that I will need to transfer his registration to Victoria..  What reaction did this provoke in me?  With a groan I covered my eyes, as I realise that Dan will probably have to go over the pits....  Jesus...  That's a disaster waiting to happen, surely..  I'll have to phone Subaru and arrange a service before Christmas if I can, or in early January.  I'll renew his registration for a few months here in Canberra so I don't' have a gap, but I presume having him as tidy as possible is going to help us here.  Sigh...  money, money, money...  I'm bleeding, at present.

As a result of this, and thinking of the process that will be involved in changing my driver's licence, etc, over, I feel slightly sick in the stomach..  So I've donned my best Scarlett O'Hara hat (ok, bonnet probably) and said to myself "I won't think about that today.. I'll think about that tomorrow"..  Good plan??  And I"ll get back to packing boxes, and making appointments to get electricity and gas and phones disconncted and connected.  My goodness, but it's a lot of work.  

The unknown is hard at times.  I feel like I'm walking in to a fog where I can't see where I'm going.  When this becomes overwhelming, I use my usual trick though, of closing my eyes, taking a huge breath and plunging forward, as you would when diving into icy water.  It's the only way to do it.  I refuse to be a chicken....  We will make this work.  And yes, of course, I have thousands of images to work on, and still a mountain of bookwork and paperwork to sort out.  Another pair of eyes and hands would be so lovely....


Dan... you look so pretty with that new windscreen!  I've arranged the connection of our electricity and gas at our new house.  I still have to do the phone.  The landlords here in Canberra have scheduled our final inspection and vacation date for 9 January.  The small bonus is that my rent is actually all prepaid, and I don't have to make any further rent payments here in Canberra between now and moving out.  What a relief that will be.

After catching up with a little bit of housework I would have usually done last week, I've started packing boxes again.  With a slight wince I've just tipped a heap of my horse magazines into the recycle bin..  And glared at it slightly, particularly at how full it is with another full 6 days until it is emptied.  And felt slightly down when I realise there are possibly only a couple more recycling collections left before we leave. 

I've forgotten how heavy the boxes are once you put things in them.  I'm trying to remember the gentle hints and advice from last time.  Don't fill them too much, especially with books (yes, there are a lot of horse books).  And I keep forgetting to put the box on top of the pile before I pack it..  My back aches already.  I've emptied and dragged outside the first bookcase.  My brother is going to help me put it in the carport until the trucks arrive, because in this tiny house, I need the space in the entryway where it sat to pile the packed boxes in... 

I did score a little bonus in Target though, picking up a dead comfortable and nice looking pair of light pants, without even having to try to them on.  Turns out that Target's size 8 pants fit me to a tee so far and that's not a bad thing..

Dream Ahead at Emirates Park.


  1. Hi Bronwen, we moved from SA to Victoria thus had to change over registration on our car and I was dreading "the pit" too. So long as your car is registered and there is no change in the registered owner, you won't need to go over the dreaded pit. We made an appointment at VicRoads, took our SA registration papers in and they took care of it. They will cancel your ACT rego and give you Victorian rego. Your driver's license will just be transferred without cost. The one thing to remember is that you have to ring VicRoads and make an appointment to do all this.

    1. Hi Liz. Always lovely to hear from you. What part of Victoria did you move to? Thank you so much for this advice. Can you feel the weight lifting from my shoulders, and can you hear Dan breathing sighs of relief????? The thought of the pits was making me feel sick in stomach! Bronnie.