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28 December 2013

Discovering Photographs

I have a terrible habit, and it may well indicate that I take FAR too many photographs, of taking images and then never really looking at them properly.  I still can't find the images I'm trying to find, from a gloomy period in August 2011, which are incredibly important to Fenella because they are of the little grey pony "Woody" they lost to colic last year.  I fear they were on the hard drive that crashed..  But I did find these...  at the time they were taken with a brand new camera, which at the time, as we photographers always do when we are lucky enough to get a new camera or fancy lens, had my reveling in the beauty it produced.  These are of the kids at Tathra Beach.  It's a great beach.  The water is frequently crystal clear, it's nearly always quite cold, which used to make my body feel nice when I got in, and the light is very pretty..


I also found these, from Heath's 6th Birthday Party.
Watermelon..  on occasions it can play havoc with the diabetic boy's sugars, but he loves it!

Yellow boots!  Couldn't get them off her.  She might end up like me, and favour long boots...

Photo by Stuart Howard.
Photo by Stuart Howard.
Photo by Stuart Howard.

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