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17 December 2013

19: Some last days....

When I look up at my latest Blog post I am reminded that we are half way through our countdown.  Are our preparations, and my work, also half way?  That's hard to tell.  I remain a little concerned that there is a lot of packing still to be done.  However I suppose that the pile of boxes by my front door indicates that I haven't been doing nothing.

Today I filled out Telstra's online "moving your services when you're moving house" form.  I'm really hoping that this system works as well as it looks, and that it proves to be a better system I hope than the botched transfer of my phone and internet service when the children and I moved last time, with the connection taking over a month to be resolved.  I also contacted my new real estate agents in Hastings, to arrange for us to see the new house, and I hope that we will do this on Thursday afternoon.

But today marks a few 'last days' for us as a family.  For me, today was my last day working for Evan and Fenella at Dunstone Design.  I'm going to miss them both incredibly, but we won't fall out of touch.  They are bringing over a nice celery top pine with a glass top coffee table that we are able to take with us, and that's very generous of them.  I'd love to get some stools for our fancy new breakfast bar and we're talking about this too.  I'm trying to choose between their new Wave stool, their classic Waterfall stool, and one with a back, their Tamar stool, would be great too.  They have been great friends, and been a great support to me during my various times of need over the last 20 months.  

Today was the kids' last day at Chapman Primary.  In some small ways this makes me feel sad.  But in others ways I felt the school has let us down a little bit, and we are also viewing the Melbourne school so positively that it's hard to feel sad about leaving.  Jessica is affected the worst, because she's been able to make some lovely friends, and they are going to miss her, as is she.  Heath hasn't had nearly the same friend support as his little sister, and so for him it's all positive on the school front.

It has to be said that the Weather God is just being mean this week.  Look at this...  On our return Canberra is going go be relentlessly hot.  My tiny house here is currently 28 degrees inside and I fear it will get no better between now and Christmas Day:


Close Precis
Forecast issued at 4:23 pm EDT on Tuesday 17 December 2013.
Detailed Mornington Forecast

Tue. 17 DecWed. 18 DecThu. 19 DecFri. 20 DecSat. 21 DecSun. 22 DecMon. 23 Dec
Summary Partly cloudy. Partly cloudy. Becoming windy. Partly cloudy. Shower or two developing. Rain at times. Rain at times. Rain at times.
Max. Temperature
27 °C37 °C29 °C20 °C21 °C22 °C
Min. Temperature
11 °C16 °C19 °C13 °C14 °C14 °C


Close Precis
Forecast issued at 4:00 pm EDT on Tuesday 17 December 2013.
Detailed Canberra Forecast

Tue. 17 DecWed. 18 DecThu. 19 DecFri. 20 DecSat. 21 DecSun. 22 DecMon. 23 Dec
Summary Mostly clear. Sunny. Sunny. Sunny. Possible shower. Possible shower. Possible shower.
Max. Temperature
32 °C34 °C37 °C32 °C34 °C31 °C
Min. Temperature
12 °C12 °C16 °C18 °C14 °C14 °C

It's also the last day of swimming lessons here in Canberra, and last week was Jessica's last riding lesson at Forest Park.  Times are changing for us...

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