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21 December 2013


I've suddenly slipped from having 3-4 weeks up my sleeve to it suddenly being exactly a fortnight before the trucks turn up and 15 days until we arrive in Victoria.  That thought makes my head spin ever so slightly, and question the time I spent this morning actually getting my hair done.  These days I am lucky to get my hair cut one to 2 times every 6 months.  I know plenty of women who would never go without a haircut and all the rest every 6 weeks.  It seems so spoilt, but probably really I'm just envious.  

I'd been keeping my hair very long, but in a sudden spur of the moment decision, which I can be prone to, I said just cut it off..  Ok, not all of it off, but at least a good 4-5 inches, and it feels far shorter.  I just felt I needed a change, and I guess 2014 is a whole new me and a whole new us..

When we got home our house had bounded back up to 30 degrees, the exact temperature as it was outside.  I don't feel that this bodes well for tomorrow, where the temperature shoots back up to 36 degrees.  I feel cross and uncomfortable.....  It cooled off while Brad was here, so we opened the house up, and I'm pacing back and forth watching the thermometer drop from 30 to 27 to 25 at the last count.  With a 14 degree night I'm hoping to get the house below 20 degrees tonight, seeing as we are in for 36 tomorrow.  It's truly repulsive when there is nothing you can do to make it more comfortable...

My friend Brad, who helped us SO much in March 2012, turning up with 2 utes, a huge trailer and 4 strong men, and later coming back to set up the trampoline for the kids with my other friend Peter last April, came over this afternoon to help me with a few things.  Some people have chosen, as they did last time, to weigh in and help.  For this I am forever grateful.  As a result of Brad's visit, the trampoline has been taken down and is now safely packed in its box.  It will stay in storage in our lovely new 2 car garage, for awhile.  The hinge on the awning of Heath's window is also fixed and will no longer flap about at night in the wind and frighten him.  Brad is also going to help me to get things to the tip and help me with the yard.  I hate gardening.  He's such a treasure, and I am so very fond of him.

I still have moments when I find myself turning in circles, and paddling, and wondering what to do next.  But with the countdown on in earnest now, I know that I have far less time to waste turning circles.

Goodbye long tresses....
The pony tail is now nowhere near as impressive, but it still looks nice.

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