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13 December 2013


Here's a funny thing, again harking back from my days working for JCR.  Leaving out the nouns in a sentence when I'm in a hurry.  I can be a terrible culprit for doing this.   The briefing note would come back with the red pen asking politely "is there a tax on nouns?"  I suppose it was a bit like being back at school.

I have to admit that the residual "getting a 'B' isn't good enough, you were capable of getting an 'A'" girl in me still shows through.  I don't resent my parents pushing me because they knew I was capable of achieving highly.  I admit that I muttered mutinously about it on occasions, particularly when I wanted to leap on my bike, with all of my horse gear strapped onto the back of it, and bugger off for as many hours as I could into "I'm With My Horse" Land.  If it's any consolation, I still have to stop, and think hard, about the use of the humble apostrophe in certain situations.  And I still commit the crime of using a feral, and I still get them wrong at times. 

Right.  Where are those boxes..


I picked up the boxes that the lovely Rob at my local Post Office has collected for us.  He also loaned me his special tape thingy, that holds the tape and helps you tape the box up.  I did have one, which is noisy as buggery (like last night when wrestling with boxes and making the kids pop down, wide eyed, offering help!), and this one is much easier to use and much quieter!  I tried lifting one of the boxes I'd filled with my horse books.  Nearly split myself in half... Emptied it out a bit.  Tried again, much better. Rob's given me boxes in all shapes and sizes. That is v handy..  Except that now I'm buggerising around spending far too much time trying to work out the best sized box to put things in!  It is silliness, isn't it.....

Back from riding, and I just cannot believe how long it takes to empty the wall unit.  It's still not done.  My back aches, and so do my wrists and hands.  What a process this is..

Surely this is good advice, and how I'm trying to operate these days..
Freelance will go temporarily to Bungendore under Fenella's watchful eye, while I find a place close to Balnarring for her to live.  I'm toying with the idea of putting her back in work again.  Am I a sucker for lost causes, or am I just not ready to give up on her?  She has many special gifts, even if bravery isn't one of them.  If the entire package is nice I've always been prepared to overlook minor faults..
This is the toaster I want to buy for a "Happy New House" present..  Yes..  I want a red one..
Treasures at the End of the Rainbow?  We hope so.
Maxie.  Helping?? Not sure...

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