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04 April 2013

Website, part 3

It would be a honest assessment to say that I am far more adept at making my website look and feel lovely, and putting all the glitteringly beautiful images of all the pretty ponies up, than I am at understanding the mechanics behind the site's ability to do all the clever commercial stuff for you.  

This part of it is just continuing to make my head hurt....  It would be nice to sit down with someone who's (a) nice and doesn't shout when I appear dimwitted and don't get it, and (b) knows how it all works and can therefore help me do it..  Alas and woe, that person doesn't exist..

I am also clutching at my head at trying to understand what the heck all this DNS stuff and CNAME and ANAME thingies do and how it all works, BUT I think after getting another v helpful email from the v cool and ace support guy, and talking to the guys at Racing and Sports, that it might all be nearly resolved....  Be still, my beating head...

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