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03 April 2013

Website, part 2...

I can tell that the upgrade and changeover of my website is going to become all encompassing.  It's beginning to take shape.

I've just spent another 2 hours working on my website, with a heart wrenching but strangely funny little film called "The Descendants" on in the background, because let's face it, there are times when a girl needs to hear the dulcet tones of the gorgeous George Clooney.  I saw it at the movies, on my own, when I spent most of last January staying in my aunt's gorgeous apartment in Carlton.  They are moving down to Barwon Heads early next year, and giving the apartment up.  I have fond memories of it and of that month.

The photogalleries are taking time to load, but it is shaping both in my mind and in front of my eyes, and I am beginning to feel less confused and like what I am seeing more.  I will be happier when I get the issue of the domain name pointing in the right direction fixed, and when I figure out how to do clever things like put a slideshow in.  But it is true to say that it is coming along, and coming along nicely..

Black Caviar at sunrise.  21 December 2012.

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