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26 April 2013

Farewell Pierro

After shouting his head off the whole trip, Maxie and I made it to Sydney.  Before setting off, I did check my oil and water, although I almost didn't do it, thinking 'but I only checked them only 3 days ago!!!', but then decided I should do the right thing.  I did revert back to the usual cursory glance at my tyres though. Actually, I'm not even sure that I did this..

On arrival I read that champion colt Pierro's new home has been decided.  It was announced late today that he will stand at Coolmore Australia.  This will be a nice base for him, although I do find myself wishing just a little bit that he was going to Arrowfield or Darley, as I tend to spend more time at these farms as a general rule.  I like to hope I'll be seeing a bit more of this wonderful colt though over the coming years as a stallion at stud.

I am going to try to head to bed soon.  I have been sleeping terribly and therefore staying up much later than I normally do or is good for me.  I've just put the little Bad Ass back to bed 3 times.  It used to take him 20 minutes or so to effect a break out.  It's now taking him about 30 seconds.  Toad....  I'm actually so in need of a decent sleep I have just retrieved and returned said Kitty to the laundry, and this time I have put my laptop back in front of the door.  And anyone who has carried my laptop bag before knows that it's not terribly light.  Although I'm not helped here at all by Foxtel putting on an old movie called Battle of Britain.  I haven't seen it for years.  I did quite a lot of European History at college, and then international politics when studying Political Science at the Australian National University.  A few of my old lecturers loved the film.  Including our charismatic but eccentric History Teacher, Alan Pymont, at Stirling College.  Michael Cain looks v young in it!  And it's a great movie.  I can hear Maxie making desperate attempts to foil me for a 4th time, but perhaps the heavy bag will do the trick.

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