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18 April 2013

And alas and woe, another lost byline...

I looked at the paper today, and lamented the fact that the Daily Telegraph's terrific picture editor hadn't been able to get his suggestion of one of my images on the front cover wrap around of today's paper.  It got pulled late last night.  In it's place is sadly an out of focus image which doesn't do the great Famous Pony Black Caviar nearly enough justice.  

In looking through the paper, when I read Ray Thomas' "A Royal Farewell for turf Queen', I looked at the image on page 92-93, of Moody kissing his champion.  I thought it looked familiar.  It is this image.  I do wish they would put the bylines on more regularly though!  I should go to bed, because I want to photograph All Too Hard's trial tomorrow morning.  But sleep isn't coming easily to me at the moment.....

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