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10 April 2013

Money for Nothing, and the lost negatives

We've made a whirlwind dash back home to Canberra to get Heath to camp.  When we go back to Sydney again, this time "we" includes our little Lilac Burmese kitty Maxie, who's finally making the transition to travelling kitty. 

I read this evening about another colt who made major money, although this one came as a surprise to me, not from it's breeding but because the amount it sold for.  It was Lot 295, the Fastnet Rock - River Dove colt, and it sold for $4million.  I can understand the Redoute's Choice - Helsinge selling for the price it did.  This one seems pure extravagance though, and makes you wonder whether yesterday's Lot 131 has sent the blood rushing to everyone's head and perhaps the yearling sale prices are now just going to be silly for the rest of this sale.

On another subject today I was lead to this.  It's about two of my idols.  One of them is President John Fitzgerald Kennedy.  The other is the photographer Jacques Lowe.  I've done a couple of Blog posts about Jacques Lowes and his lost Kennedy negatives before.  I'm not sure if it was recalling the Kennedy legacy, Lowes and his lost negatives, or overwhelming tiredness after a very busy few days that caused me to feel teary this afternoon.  This has nothing to do with horse racing, but I recommend you read it nonetheless.

The painstaking restoration of the Lowes Kennedy collection is demonstrated here.
It is true that my library will never contain anything so priceless and unique as the Kennedy collection.  My Black Caviar collection is the nearest I would get, and I know it will never be the legend that was Camelot.  But I would be devastated if it was lost, because it is the most important thing I've done professionally.  I can only hope it will grow to be appreciated in the future.  The Famous Pony embodies many things and she is precious to me.  I'm sweating on this image over the next 24-48 hours as well.

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