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23 April 2013

For Jessica

The kids and I got back from Sydney late this afternoon.  We stopped in at Target so they could pick out a little treat after our boy "Redoute's" sired the AJC Oaks winner.  Maxie travelled with us.  I checked my oil, my water, and even my tyres.  Dan's trip-meter  will have clicked over to 338,000km.

We ate dinner while we watched Nelly, Black Caviar, on Australian Story.  It had the footage of Rick and the statue.  It makes me feel proud, although lost as well at times.  After the program finished, Jessica started crying again.  Which of course made me cry.  I thought she'd stopped, but when I turned to go to the kitchen she was standing there at the tissue box, crying in earnest, with tears running down her face.  Her eyes look like mine when she cries.

I bent down next to her, and I said this was just one chapter in a story we've been a part of.  And I promised her that I hoped we will continue to follow her life and her adventures.  So to Jessica and Heath, Gerard Whateley is right.  We have lived in extraordinary times. 

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