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24 April 2013

There are worse things to be called?

Today's been very up and down. It's ended far better than it started. But it's been a tough day. I have just dropped my reluctant son off to soccer training. He was far keener to play the computer so there was a slight hint of dragging him by the collar but generally he always enjoys it when he gets there. I often say that I would never leave the house with him if I gave in to his "I don't want to do it" protest.

Before leaving I got another Famous Pony email. It was from the editor of a magazine which i don't typically contribute images to. And his email opened with
"As you are the most recognised photographer of the champ....."
They are putting together a tribute to Black Caviar.  I guess there are worse things to be called in life than this.  It put a small smile on my face at the end of a period which has put me through the wringer just a little bit.

Just after this, the lovely people at Aushorse rang me about more work this Saturday. Randwick is logistically tricky and working solo I cannot do the whole brief, but we've agreed I will do what I can. She finished off saying she wanted to talk to me later in the year about getting me to do the same job we did on Derby Day last year this coming spring. I like the fact that they liked the work, but bit my lip at the thought of next year's Melbourne Cup Carnival. 

And finally, another email lobbed in regarding the other important project I posted about earlier.  More artwork, more details, more images.  And she said to me, as she gave me the times for my signing session, "you are most definitely busy and important".  I attempted a smile, and I'm looking forward to when I can put the finished and released items up on my Blog.  As always, for this sort of thing, it makes me wonder which sorts of people might take time out of their day to go and buy a set.

Cool shiny new red kettle.  My saucepan has lived to fight another day.

The Bad Ass and I will head back to Sydney on Friday.

I will wear my pretty new dress, and hopefully Gatty will take a cool photo of me in it.  He takes nice photos.

All Too Hard, Famous Brother, will take on More Joyous, another darling of mine, in the All Aged.  My heart will be torn for this race, as it was when More Joyous ran against Pierro.

Me and the Famous Pony..  Do I miss you?  Every single day.....

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