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29 April 2013

Just for me....

This morning I'm doing something just for me.  I decided it was time to do a few more of the things that are important to me.  Yes!   It involves horses!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I say this somewhat defensively and with eyes glaring ever so defiantly at those who might say either pleadingly, jokingly, angrily, or somewhere in between "but there are others things out there that you like and would be good to do, it doesn't always have to involve a horse".

This morning I'm riding.  I'm having a jumping lesson with respected coach and former Australian showjumping team member Grant Hughes, on one of his horses.  It will be easy stuff and I've told him don't toss me in to the deep end, but I like Grant and he's terrific.  I started having some lessons with him before the kids were born, but it was too hard to fit in with work and university.  

It should be a good incentive to try to see whether Freelance's legs can stand up to a bit of work, and to do things that matter to me.  Can't wait!  And I shall do my best to not fall off. Natasha and I used to joke that we didn't need to be heroes, we just fell off. Actually, when I was doing a lot of riding, unless the horse came down I rarely came off, but that's when I was all instinct and feel, and could move with the horse the instant it did.  And I'm not conceited enough to think that I can still ride like this!

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