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12 April 2013

Poolside with the Famous Pony Black Caviar

There's one more sleep to go, and to help the hours pass I skipped across to Rosehill Gardens this afternoon, and set myself up by the pool.  Glen is the super cool Pool Dude at Rosehill, and he's ace.  He called me "Darling Girl", as I was leaving, and I'm about to email him the photos I promised him. I loved the way so many spectators from around the course piled into the pool to watch the great horse swim.  One of the unique things about this horse is how people stop what they are doing to watch what she does when she is about.  It's a little bit like the chap I chatted to at 4am in the tunnel at Caulfield.  He said as he lead his horse in a circle that everyone's spirits are lifted when Nelly is in residence, and watching her walk by him every morning made the day worthwhile.  He feels he is in the presence of greatness.  Indeed he is..

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