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21 April 2013

The eyes tell a story...

There's a sparkle and an intense look in Nash's eyes.  

Nash Rawiller and Royal Descent power away to win the G1 AJC Oaks by 10 lengths.  This beautiful filly is sired by "My Boy" Redoute's Choice.  It put a smile on my face after a sad week.  She's actually quite like Redoute's in the face, although she's finer, and much more sculptured. 
Redoute's Choice.  I took this at Arrowfield Stud on 7 December 2012, on a 2 day photo shoot.  His eyes are bright and open.  I love the way you can always trust a horse's eyes.  Horses are beautifully black and white.  There is no grey with them.  Perhaps this is why I like them so much.
Just in case you don't believe me from the photo of Royal Descent, this is Royal Randwick 2 hours before the Oaks.  Typically Sydney was sunny all week and is again today.  It was only Friday night and Saturday that it turned foul and evil.

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