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22 April 2013

A message..

I hope my reader doesn't mind me sharing part of her message she sent me.  It brought tears to my eyes.

Hi Bronwen,
 I want to start off by thanking you for sharing your gift and love of photography both here and on your website and blog. Coming across photos of past and present champions is a real treat and brings back wonderful memories of days past.
 With respect to Black Caviar aka Nelly aka The Famous Pony aka the Great Mare as I like to refer to her as, I have very much appreciated your images. You’ve captured her fierceness, power, strength, courage and beauty on the track and her grace, serenity, joy, gentleness and kindness away from it.

While I am sadden by the fact that Nelly will race no more this has been tempered by feelings of immense gratitude to have borne witness to this stunning equine athlete. She has left an indelible mark on Australian and world racing that will resonate for generations to come. Her place among the equine greats such as Carbine, Phar Lap, Bernborough, Tulloch and Kingston Town is assured.

The idea of perfection is but a dream. Yet for four years we realised the fruition of such a dream and both marvelled and basked in its glow. Black Caviar's light will never be extinguished as her lasting legacy will speak of her mighty deeds for years to come while the affect she had on people will stay with them forever.

Whether you know it or not you have been a part of her wonderful story. You’ve told her story through the lens, treating us to the many sides of Nelly that we would only ever be able to read about or perhaps never have known. So thank you Brownen for having shared so freely and selflessly of yourself, much like the Great Mare herself.

Racing will be that much the poorer without her, but we have been left infinitely the richer for the pleasure of having seen her, and in your case, the privilege of having known her.

Kind regards


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