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20 April 2013

It's Doncaster Day, and the Weather God is again being utterly bloody..

It's Doncaster Handicap Day and yet again the rain has started to fall.  Last year at least the rain tumbled during the week before the race, but miraculously stopped 2 days out, allowing Randwick to show it's amazing powers of recuperation.  I had despaired of More Joyous evening taking her place in the field, let alone being able to win the famed Randwick mile.  Yet the skies cleared, the track dried, and she ran, and won.

But this year has a gloomier feel to it.  Yesterday, weatherwise, was at least sunny and bright, with a fierce and cool, but drying wind.  But a check of the weather forecast turned to dismay.  Heavy rain was forecast for Saturday!  I kept checking the radar, and by evening I knew that the reports were not wrong, with a huge cloud mass creeping ominously up and closer to the coast.  I went to bed after 11pm last night.  Maxie was locked in the laundry.  My mum doesn't approve of cats sleeping loose.  He was making desperate attempts at a jailbreak, and Burmese cats are determined.  He'd quitened by the time I went to bed though, and I thought he'd given up.  Hah!  He said, as the defiant faced little Bad Ass Kitty padded around the corner half an hour later, and into my bedroom.  And as I turned the light off, I heard the rain start, and it's true to say that, in addition to the usual stupid dreams I have every night, the rain kept me awake for much of the night.

Fortunately I'd left my wet weather camera gear in the car, but now find myself wishing that I had brought my old and just about falling apart boots to wear, instead of the nice new pair that will not let water in, and rub a huge blister on my heel.  But they are not going to look as beautiful and shiny by the day's end.  And also wishing that my warm coat wasn't being held hostage in my wardrobe back in Canberra.  I fear it will be an uncomfortable day, and I find myself hoping that Pierro will be scratched and saved for the All Aged.  It is difficult to see how he can win on a bog track carrying 57kg.....

Poor Pierro..  57kgs..  No word on him scratched yet..  Randwick currently a Heavy 8, more rain falling heavily.
Absolutely plowed through the rain on a gloomy and depressing Doncaster Day in 2011 to give Rick Jamieson the AJC Oaks

Atomic Force won the Galaxy in the rain

Renowned wet tracker Sacred Choice won the Doncaster
3 days later, glorious sunshine for Flying Spur at Arrowfield Stud, showing the vagaries of the Weather God.

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