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27 April 2013

Front Page Sunday Telegraph - Gai Waterhouse loses More Joyous and other Singleton horses

In a major drama owner John Singleton announced after More Joyous' unplaced run in the G1 All Aged Stakes that he was transferring all his horses from trainer Gai Waterhouse.  These images say it all.

The image will run on the front page of tomorrow's Sunday Telegraph and hopefully in a number of the interstate News Ltd mastheads.   The editor of the paper just messaged me to say that the image is a definite award nominee and to make sure I enter it in all the awards (I only know of the Walkleys, what else is there???).  And yes, I still want to pick up the phone, and wanted to do so during the talks about it, just to check I was doing the right thing.  Old habits..  Dying hard...

On the way to the track, ABBA's Super Trouper came on over Dan's crackly speakers.
"Tonight the Super Trouper. Beams are going to blind me. But I won't feel blue. Because somewhere in the crowd there's you"
I love ABBA. Although strangely I haven't been listening to it much lately.  

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