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22 April 2013

On the road again

The kids and I are back on the highway today, heading back home to Canberra. 

I did receive a lovely phone call this morning though.  It was from a man who'd seen my work, and been looking at my new website.  The website is coming along, and largely I'm pleased with it, and it's been well received, even though uploading is time consuming.  He owns his first racehorse though, who's won 3 out of her 4 starts.  And he wants to buy a photograph from me, of his precious horse running in the Sandown trial that the Famous Pony Black Caviar won on 22 January 2013.  I think this is touching.  It's a further example of the effect the champion has had on the public.  It's further proof of the love that she has inspired and the feelings held for her.  So it put a smile on my face this morning, and that was a nice thing.

The horse belonging to the lovely horse owner who phoned me today is being ridden by the jockey in the blue jacket.  I love that he wants a photo of his horse running against Black Caviar.  I just love it...  Thank you for the smile it brought to me.  I needed it this morning!

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