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08 April 2013

Sale Days

I'm mid way through a busy day and it will be a very late night as I am photographing till 10pm and then have to turn around some images by 9am for the newspaper social pages.

Earlier today we were at the Easter Yearling sale and I stopped to talk to the Darley team about their success on Saturday and some yearlings I have to do tomorrow for them. And as I did so I glanced across at a girl who'd crept up to stand next to me and was hopefully trying to get my attention.

I looked at her for a moment, then asked "Fiona?" She immediately burst into smiles, thrilled that I had recognized her. It was one of the Chinese DITI Students, who we had photographed as part of the Darley Flying Start program last September at Woodlands. She hugged me and said that the photo we took of her with Pierro's dam Miss Right Note had been run in a very big magazine and that had been very exciting for her. So that was a nice moment, although it has made me feel strangely flat ever since.

In less than an hour I have to be in a taxi on my way to Star at the Casino. Like I said. Today is a big day. And tomorrow is even busier with a drive back home to Canberra thrown in at the end of the day. 

Fiona at Woodlands, with Miss Right Note (dam of Pierro) and her Street Cry filly. 

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