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02 April 2013

He bought me a new vacuum cleaner!!!!

Here's a little bit of trivia.  What was the first thing I saw when I went to make myself a cup of tea after opening up the Showroom here at Dunstone Design???  A shiny new and red vacuum cleaner!  A chargeable and cordless one!  For the girl who HATES to vacuum, unless it is a truly cool and easy to use one, this brought a smile to my face this morning.  I always used to say that I am too creative to clean, but really, I think I am beginning to discover that I work better when there is more order than chaos.  But using truly crap vacuum cleaners is tiresome and loathsome, and makes a girl want to put it all off and say 'what dirt on the floor???'

Just for a change of scenery, these are some images I took for Dunstone Design last week, of the brand new river red gum dining suite set up at its new home.  I am still steadily working out the off-camera flash.  Clearly I'll get better results when I can get my head around which soft boxes and stands to buy for my flashes, and purchase another SB-910 flash that will take more than 30 or so pictures before the SB-900 flash that I own sits down and cries, telling me that it's overheated.  It was a real design flaw in those speedlights.  The 910s are excellent though!

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  1. Chargeable and cordless vacuum cleaners really are such pleasant gift to a house owner! You don't have to find the nearest socket every time you move around the house, which makes cleaning a lot easier. And because innovation is inevitable, more and more modifications on cleaning materials are being applied. What a beautiful world we live in. : )
    Deidra @ Minutemen