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18 April 2013

The morning after

It is the day after the announcement that the Famous Pony Black Caviar has been retired.  My eyes are puffy and sore, and I feel tired.  It will take a little time for it to all sink in, and then there is the task of refocusing both on the job at hand this weekend at Royal Randwick, and for what my future may bring with Black Caviar as she embarks on the next important phase in her career at stud. 

I've also just had another phone call, about something very important, and that's lifted my spirits somewhat because it is prestigious and will be important to me.   But I admit that I am feeling the loss acutely today.

I'm touched by some of the beautiful messages coming in on my Bronwen Healy Photography Facebook Page.  They speak so lovingly of the horse, and of the images I've worked hard to create over the past 2 and a half years. 

These are some of the comments that have struck a chord with me:
"Isn't this when we say don't cry for what we've lost but be happy for what we've had? Ah stuff it pass me another Kleenex!"
"It is sad those magic race days are over but also a huge relief that she is safe"
"A true legend, she finished on a performance that will go down as one of her most sensational"
"It's an empty feeling but how lucky were we all to have lived in this time. I saw her at Doomben winning her 13th start and again at Royal Ascot - what memories they are! Thank you Bronwen for sharing the beautiful photos - I am sure you will be sending us some gorgeous pics of the big girl and her 1st baby. Something to look forward to."
"Thanks for bringing this story to us visually Bronwen. We have been so lucky to have your magnificent photos".
"She's a legend. Your days of photographing her aren't over Bron. There's the mummy and baby pics to come. And they will be spectacular".
"Now you will be able to get great photos of her in retirement. And in the future, with her foals. The excitement doesn't end; things just change. I think Nelly will become a marvelous mother, just like Zenyatta. Nelly has consistantly done everything right. I think the owners will allow you to continue to visit her; she's an international superstar and inspiration".
"How about a book of photos of Nelly? I'd buy it!"
"Can't believe her racetrack career is over but look forward to hearing about her and her progeny for a long time...I'm sure you will be there to photograph her future as a mum Bronwen"
"My first reaction was a deep sense of loss. I guess I kind of thought Nelly would be thrilling us on the racetrack forever. Now, having had time to think about it, I can see a whole new chapter unfolding before our eyes. All of us who love and worship Nelly, are about to embark on a new journey. And aren't we all so lucky to be a part of this history? What an absolute honour it's been to share the journey! Thank you, Bronwen, for allowing us all to share the Famous Pony with you and thank you, Nelly are a once in a lifetime treasure for us all".
"I'm sad this morning, the reality of Nelly's retirement has finally sunk in. I can only imagine how you are feeling, Bronwen ... if I'm this sad ... well, I feel for you. You have brought a whole new world of the Famous Pony to us and I, for one, am eternally grateful. I look forward tor the photos of the Famous Pony with her first Famous Foal at her side. Nelly is going to be a wonderful mother".
"Beautiful pictures!! Amazing races!! Fantastic memories!! Nelly is safe!!"
 "The country and the world can thank Nelly for the greatest moments on racing, the memories will last a lifetime. We can thank you for helping share those memories in such amazing, tasteful and beautiful photographs. I would love to purchase the photo you believe to be the most perfect, to add to the ones I have of her on my lounge room wall.
Your photographs of her are immensely beautiful and in a class of their own, as are our famous pony."
 "Just think, maybe soon you will be taking photos of her, burning around a paddock with her baby We would all love to see the results!"
"Bronwen, thank you so much for posting the amazing images you have taken. It has been an amazing journey to follow and you have captured her so beautifully."
Imagine capturing an image like this of Black Caviar's first, and then subsequent foals.  I will do my best to keep living the dream and living it with the greatness that is Black Caviar.

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