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29 March 2014


I've found my way into Mornington. I've only come in a couple of times before. Mostly with Lyn. I had to find the Nepean Highway to locate Officeworks.  Not too tricky. Into the carpark with only 2 UTurns. That's ok. More stationary. And another hard drive. The kids have lucked into a play date. It's nice how they are gradually fitting in and making friend. 

The "What's Next" question seems to make my head swirl from time to time.  Is it the great uncertainty?  I'm probably not as bad as some at coping with not knowing what is ahead of me in some areas of my life. In other areas though I am rubbish at it, although the phone conversation I had with one of my friends last night, who's had to jet off overseas for work, helped as it always does.  He's frequently pretty ruthless in his advice.  I've learnt from experience that he's right about a lot of things.  He told me that I needed to remember how to have fun.  He's right.  I guess I've been so preoccupied with the kids, the interstate move, finalising some important affairs, and pushing forward with my photographic work, that I probably have forgotten how to do this.  Arche is clearly part of going able to do this. But not all of it. 

My attention has to turn to next week.  I have to get us ready for our Sydney trip.  We fly out on the same evening that the school terms finishes and we will be in Sydney for 2 weeks.  I have a lot on during that period and keeping busy is good.  

Maxie, The Bad Ass, is coming with us.  The Traveling Kitty is about to be airborn. There is no way I trust him to stay here on his own, plus I don't have the sort of neighbours here that I did in Canberra.  The Qantas website makes me scowl in frustration when I can't get the online booking form for pets to load. 

In a funny twist I found myself thinking about the old house in Canberra, which I used to call the little Dog Box.  It had many faults.  But I do miss it's front steps.  I miss Noelene and Paddy.  And I miss being able to sit outside in the gentle sunshine and think and write. Would you believe they put a brand new kitchen in?  And didn't increase the rent. I sighed and reminded myself we didn't want to stay there anyway. 

I have no races this weekend. It's an odd feeling. Instead I'll take some photos for my sister's dance school's public performance at the Merri Creek something. My favourite Sheryl Crow song, "Strong Enough", comes on and I once again feel a surge of pleasure at how easy it is to pop up the Freeway. We are so close to everything!!

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