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23 March 2014


I've spent the morning catching up on photos and the racing news.  I managed to watch a little bit of Racing Review on TVN before agreeing to the TV being taken over by Jessica with the Wii and so then have tried to keep up with developments online. 

I'm very taken by the advertisements and the artwork that The Championships are producing.  Take a look at the images in the sidebars gracing the news window.  Recognise any of those images, and those beautiful boys?  I do....  I think the team at The Championships are doing a lovely job and I'm enjoying working with them.  They are clearly being influenced by Arrowfield Stud and John Messara from a style point of view because the marketing approach taken by JM's team is the absolute benchmark.  I'm delighted to see that this influence is beginning to stretch into other sections of the industry and to see Racing NSW embrace a project like this with such quality work.

Today I've also been  wrestling with the issue of pricing some work in order for me to be able to provide a quote.  I find this sort of pricing difficult.  I'm trying to work out how much will be fair to me while also being attractive and good value for the client, who I value.  How much is too little?  How much is too much?  What to include?  What to leave out?  I'm not sure who I can trust to talk it over with either.  It's tricky, very tricky...

Spirit of Boom canters to the barriers.
Spirit of Boom (outside) and Fontelina (orange and blue stripes) battle out the finish of the G1 William Reid.  Neither horse could have possibly matched strides with The Famous Pony, or, I suspect, The Love Horse..

My camera angle definitely made it look like Fontelina was a clear winner.  Not so said the photo finish.


Michael Rodd doesn't often get this animated.  Intriguing, given he was on a 6 year old horse.

Text'N Hurley wins the Sunline Stakes (Hard Spun - Angels)

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