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21 March 2014

Getting Back On

This afternoon I had my dressage lesson with Di. The Big Horse was in a similar spot to me, both physically and mentally. A bit stiff and sore and a bit rattled. We all agreed that the ride did not go  to plan and hadn't worked out brilliantly. Arche was a bit sticky and a bit cross, and I was definitely a little out of sorts. I'm trying to do things as I feel ready to, but its easy to get rattled when things suddenly feel too much. Our lesson went well considering. I won't have a lesson next week because Di has a competition on but I will try to work The Big Fellow each day and keep him on track as best I can. 

After school I took the kids to the skate park again.  It's brand new and very popular. The kids both have new scooters. They are making new friends and I  trying to keep them as physically active as I can.  Some of the kids are saying they come to the skate park before school. What a great idea and a great way for the kids to start their day. 

Heath did better at football training last night, which was finally able to be held at the football grounds. They are lovely, but have been occupied by the Cricket Club up until now.  I might bring the camera out to training next week just for fun. Goodness knows whether my reflexes will keep up. Its a fast game!  I'm sure it will be good for me though and it allows me to make a contribution to the team and the kids. Heath still doesn't understand the game yet. I need to try to get him to watch a little on TV. It would be so nice to have someone he could kick the ball with. I'm hoping a few of the dads will give him some extra practice and therefore confidence. One of his class mates asked me if Heath wanted to kick the footy with him this afternoon so we said that would be great. Cody has the brilliant long wavy blonde hair. He's a fast and agile boy who's not huge but is full of enthusiasm. 

This evening we have The Valley.   I'm a little tired and don't really feel like going but I have just had a shower and washed my hair.  A little fall back and regroup?  This weekend I will try to catch up on bookwork and image work which I've failed utterly to do this week, yet again, as well as a few outings to the skate park, etc.

One of my friends reads my Blog regularly.  Michelle was nice enough to send me a Facebook message last night, and this morning, asking how I was feeling after reading about my fall on this Blog.   Thanx Shell, for both asking how I was last night, and for checking up on me again today........  Michelle has got a share in a little Bel Esprit filly called Diamond Glow.  We always catch up every time she comes to Melbourne to see her filly race.  These photos of your beautiful Pony are just for you Shell!

The wind picks up suddenly and the rain comes down more heavily.  I shiver slightly at my desk.  I sigh and realise that I must get start getting my things organised and get on the freeway to The Valley.

Diamond Glow (Bel Esprit - Prompt).  Part owned by my friend Michelle Jenkins.

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