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09 March 2014

Warm Spells

I should have gone to bed over an hour ago.  Instead I find myself sitting up moodily.  March is delivering another warm spell.  Granted it's not a terrible one and it is supposed to be over in another 2 days.  However our house, as it seems so keen to do, quickly bounded up over 30 degrees this afternoon.  I was tired from yesterday and had a sleep on the couch which isn't something I do very often at all.  I said to Heath I was feeling sleepy and he said "some days are like that, have a sleep"..  What a wise little soul he is at times.  After I work up, the house had become vile, so we thought bugger this and fled to Point Leo Beach.  I didn't take my camera.  I was stiff and sore from a full day at Flemington and thought it's a hassle trying to keep the sand out of it.  Of course the minute we arrived at the beach I wished I had it with me!  The light was pretty and the kids had a great time playing in the waves (yes, there were waves today!), and my mind was making up images that I couldn't take.  The eye is a viewfinder, right?  The kids played for ages in the water.  I had a swim, then sat watching them, and reading the odd page of my new Peter Pan (racehorse!) book.

Tomorrow is a public holiday and Tuesday is a curriculum day, so the kids aren't back at school until Wednesday.  This will play havoc with my plans to ride Archie with warm weather forecast for the next 2 days as well, alas and woe.  We don't get out of the house terribly early on 'weekend' days and early is the only time to ride during the heat of summer.  I know, I know, you're shouting 'stop being such a terrible pansy'..  I can't help it.  I just don't function on hot days.  Having said that, Lyn phoned me this morning to say that Archie looked slightly lame this morning..  Sigh... horses!!!

There are picnic races on tomorrow afternoon at Balnarring.  I'm thinking of dropping in with the kids to have a look.  After which no doubt we'll head to the beach again.  The house heats up so much from about 2pm onwards.  It's vile....

Rick Jamieson at Flemington.  His filly Holy Cow ran reasonably well in the Kewney, although as he anticipated she was no match for the gorgeous Street Cry filly Solicit.

Solicit (Street Cry - Princesca) wins with Damian Lane on board.

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