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18 March 2014

The Left Leg

I'm heading out to work Arche this morning. My lovely friend Lyn gently corrected my spelling of his name. I looked at her perplexed, saying "but you call him Archie???"  I hate it when I spell things incorrectly. But I'm guilty of it as much as the next person at times. I don't like spelling the name of The Big Horse, as I call him softly when I catch him in the morning, incorrectly. He neighed to me the other day. That made me feel good. 

Yesterday I finally got the canter. Including on that wickedly tricky left lead where he wants to drop the inside shoulder and strike off on the wrong leg. I felt insanely happy about this. I wanted to shout "Look at Me!!!  Look at ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  Lyn and I were working the horses in the arena at the same time. It was wild and windy. This is so good for my big bright bay horse who needs to learn to focus on me and concentrate on what I ask. He still gets distracted by every passing shadow and wants to gawk and look at everything, but he is getting so much better and can mostly look without coming off the bridle.  He is also much better with another horse in the arena. He still has a bit of "arena shyness" and it will take him a little bit more time before he can confidently pass a horse on the inside track. But he improves so much each day it is touching.

The lesson with Di Barnes last week sorted some big issues out. I often say horses are like people and relationships. You have to get the base sound. And you must sort out the tricky and difficult things out, particularly before you move on to tougher and bigger things. It will always come back to bite you if you don't. 

I'm not hungry this morning and haven't fad breakfast. No doubt the hunger will strike me the moment my foot hits the stirrups. 

My photoshoot with Muzaalem went well although I've not looked at the photos. There were do many domestic things to do last night. As it was it was 1am before I fell exhausted into bed and slept. I'll tackle the photos this afternoon. 

Incidentally. You might enjoy this. The lovely Susan at Arrowfield has taken up and championed the name I have given The Love Horse.  This is her article here. 

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