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30 March 2014

Unofficially Official

I think I've been designated the Unofficially Official Photographer?  I had brought my camera bag along today to the Jumper Presentation Day but had been being discreet because I had assumed there would be an official person contracted to do team photos.  These firms seem to make a killing and there was a fair deal made of the Team Photos for soccer teams in Canberra.

I'd brought some prints I quickly ran off from the training session last week for the kids to keep.  Before very long I had Club personnel seeking me out, and before I knew it I was taking the team photos. Of course I'm happy to do this!!  The generous help of the many parents who are helping Heath and the truly ace kids that are part of this community have been overwhelming.  This is an amazing part of the world.  I like to hope that we will fit in here and that others will like it too.  This is the least I can contribute to the team and the kids.  That of course is in addition to my truly ace skills behind the canteen counter! I've had the roster handed to me.  I always liked canteen. 

I really should be heading to bed soon.  It's late and I have a very long day tomorrow with a stallion photoshoot somewhere near Bendigo.  Have I worked out how to get there?  Very very vaguely...  No doubt I will continue to check my phone tomorrow.  And hope that it doesn't go flat.

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