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08 March 2014

Love Horse

It's probably just because I'm tired that I suddenly feel flat.  Today's been a good day.  I had a nice time with my friends, photographing at one of my favourite racetracks.  My lovely boy Redoute's Choice sired 2 winners, including "The Love Horse" Lankan Rupee in the Newmarket Handicap.  Can it really be 3 years since The Famous Pony strode to victory in the same race 2011, when I photographed her at the Clock Tower?  It makes me sad all of a sudden and my eyes prickle with tears.  

Nikon have released a new camera.  Vinny had one on trial at the track today, but he hardly used it.  Jay had it yesterday, and I've been talking to him about it.  I feel the same usual restless urge stirring in me.  I want the best, and I want nice things to happen in my life.  I guess I only have my own voice to now stage that little internal 'Should I???  Shouldn't I???' debate inside my head now....  One thing that I am certain of however is that, no matter how lovely this new camera would appear to be, the voice of reason is shouting to me that I need a new car long before I need a new camera..  I suppose that is the advice many people would give me too.


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