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12 March 2014

Old or Cool?

This is another Blog that I always enjoy reading, by author Caron Dann.  She writes beautifully.  She's funny.  And she's smart...  She's the wife of a Facebook friend.  This is a link to her most recent Blog post.  If you have time, read it.  I'm sure you'll like it and it will give you a little bit to think about.

As a photographer I find people's faces and personalities interesting.  There are some people who are clearly more interesting than others.  Some poeple who leave a mark on society and in the lives of others.  Some people are hard to forget.  Others are imminently forgettable.  Some people achieve great things with their lives, while others do less so.

I think our faces become interesting as we age, but there's a gorgeous softness to a person's face when you compare the young with the 'older' image.  The skin changes.  Faces can become more drawn, or fatter because some people lose weight while others gain it.  Our hair changes, just as the expressions on our faces change.  

Take Gai Waterhouse for instance..  Take a glance over Gai, over the years...  She's fashionable.  Vibrant..  Vivacious.   Spontaneous.  Chic.  Happy.  She's clearly very strong willed and naturally she has her faults, it is foolish to suggest that she doesn't.  And she acted in a Doctor Who episode with the cult figure himself Tom Baker who's just turned 80.  What a Woman!   She looks 10 years younger than some woman who are at least 10 years younger than her!!!!!   She is the epitomy of coolness.....

My age seems to fool a lot of people.  I've had a number of people say, even very recently, that they assumed I was about 10 years younger than I actually am.  I suppose that's flattering, right?  How old, or young, a person looks is indeed an interesting concept.  There are times when I gaze upon an image of a group of people who are perhaps 5 years old than me, but they look far older than that.   

Age...  It's a funny business, isn't it....   However as I am always telling my Dad when he gets grumpy about his advancing years, the alternative to getting older isn't much fun at all, now is it.....

Gai Waterhouse.  1993 I think....
Gai Waterhouse.  She's without question 'cool'......

Gai Waterhouse during the Spring Carnival of 2008

Gai Waterhouse in 2012

Gai Waterhouse - 8 March 2014.  Can you possibly believe that Gai will turn 60 later this year??? 

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