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30 March 2014


I've had a few conversations lately with people about how difficult it is to be left 'hanging' when it becomes impossible to get any sort of answer on something that's important.   I find this scenario difficult.  Being a fairly black and white sort of person I usually don't like beating around the bush.  It goes without saying that when I make a decision this is the end of it and there's no stopping me.  However I can be as bad as the next indecisive person when it comes to making certain decisions.  Even the ones that I know are absolutely in my best interest.  Perhaps that is because I can be guilty of letting my heart over rule my head at times?  

I try to allow time for people to put things in their 'it's too hard for me to process' tray, but it's terribly hard when they stay trapped inside that truly wicked and frustrating place for too long.  What's the end result of this?  Well for me personally it means that I feel like I'm hanging on the end of a rapidly fraying rope on a windy day. And that makes me feel far more prone to becoming shouty than I would otherwise be.  The other thing I tend to do is to automatically assume I've done something wrong and that perhaps they are feeling shouty at me.  It's not a nice a feeling.

Speaking of which, I had a phone call from one of my editors on Monday.  Darmo is cool.  I like him.  We're waiting on a big decision to be made for me and my work.  I hate the waiting and I hate the not knowing.  Ok, you've got me there.... I hate the thought of receiving the answer I really really DON'T want to hear because I'm like most people, I want to receive the answer that I like the best!!!  What's wrong with that??  But I am no different to many.  I have my own decisions to make and I have to sometimes put into place fairly complicated arrangements in order for me to fulfill these obligations.  And in the absence of proper information this becomes very difficult for me to do this...

I think if you get to the latter, then the next photo surely applies!  One likes to hope with matters that are important to you that you don't reach the next one,  no matter how funny it is!  Little Swear Jar warning about the next image too.  Abject, pleading, humble apologies if my sense of humour offends...
Swear Jar...  I know, I know..  But come on, this is funny, right???  Abject, pleading, humble apologies if my sense of humour offends...

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