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15 March 2014

Post Valley

It's just gone midnight.  I've just made myself a cup of tea and I don't feel tired at all.  That's probably because I had one of those evil energy drinks on the way home, because I am not a natural night time driver and it's been a long day today.  I'm not sure that I shot particularly well tonight at The Valley.  That's annoying.  We arrived in such a rush that I forgot my radio and left it in the car.  I also managed only 2 frames of the 2 year old race we'd rushed in and only just made, because a certain warty toad had fiddled with Mum's camera and taken it off motor drive and put it onto single.  I told Vinny, who laughed at me making a late entrance, and we both agreed that you only need one frame.  And I did have one, that was sharp and it's in a nice stride.  Talk about getting away with it by the skin of my teeth.  Who was the baby sired by???  One of my Arrowfield boys...  Oh dear.  They are a good client and I'm sure under the circumstances they will forgive me!

I admit to feeling slightly moody this evening.  Sometimes I feel games are being played which aren't always fun.  One of my friends is sending me funny texts tonight.  He's cross because the horse he owns didn't run up to expectations because of a leader biased track (well, that's his take, I am of course no real expert).  He's accused me of holding out for a White Knight..  Is he right?  He probably is....  What's not to like about a White Knight though??  Particularly if the horse is stunningly beautiful????? 

I should go to bed and to sleep because I have to get us up and out of the door by around 9am tomorrow morning, much to the protests of the kids (at the time).  They are excited about meeting "The Love Horse" though.  There's not many horses with a perfect love heart on it's face.  Speaking of such silly concepts, Jessica asked me about a song on the way home today.  Heath was engrossed in something and therefore not doing his usual complaining at ABBA playing.  It was "My Love, My Life"..  What was that about White Knights?  It's complete silliness I know...

London Lolly (Charge Forward - Lovely Jubly) - not my usual style.  No time to even change my lens on the way in.  Skin of my teeth....
These aren't coming up well within Blogger, and I have no idea why!  Perfect in Photoshop, washed out in Blogger and at 1am I have no idea how to fix it!

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