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18 March 2014

The Week Ahead

Tomorrow I have 6 hours on the road between the Peninsula and Nagambie. I must try to get an earlier night tonight so I am not too tired. I'm going to try going all the way along the Monash to get across to the Hume. I didn't like coming via Eastlink and Lyn says its a shorter route too. 

I must remember to empty my cards tonight. I still haven't done this from yesterday. This afternoon is tied up with tennis and I am too nervous of putting washing on when I am not at home in case the second hand washing machine floods again. So I still have a load of washing to put out. 

On Thursday I will work The Big Horse in the morning and return to work from home during the afternoon. Friday is dressage lesson day with then William Reid Stakes at The Valley that night as well. Again I must try to get some sleep. I feel desperately tired at present. I am still not sleeping well. Too many things on my mind I guess. 

Next week?  Well I'd love to have another fiddle with The Love Horse.  I also need to arrange to photograph Scandinavia. It will feel odd not being at Rosehill on Saturday. I usually always photograph the Ranvet meeting. It was just too tricky to organise though. 

Next week I also have 4 stallions to photograph near Bendigo. We are trying to sort out which day. Another 6 hour round trip. I'm not sitting about idly at least and that's a good thing. 

We continue to make a few new friends around our new area and the families are warm and welcoming. The local cafe, Two Sams, is ace. One of the staff always welcomes me with a smile and by name. That's so nice. Her name is Eliza. I'm making valiant attempts to remember the many different names. I can hardly remember my own name at times and this isn't easy!!!  Jessica wrote this on the huge magnet board at Two Sams. When I drive past the City on the Monash Freeway my heart swells. We love it. We just love it.

On a final note, just to keep me on my toes, my email accounts have been acting strangely again.  Bouncing messages and messages not coming through.  Frustrating!  Hopefully I haven't missed anything important...

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