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25 March 2014


We are at tennis. I've had a nice day today. I watch Jessica play, deep in thought, and my mind ticks over. The Big Horse worked much better this morning. The canter is still a wrestle but it is improving. 

Heath has just emptied the contents of his school short pockets onto Dan's dashboard. . Are you impressed at the extent of his Lego smuggling?  I laughed and shook my head, and told him firmly that lost pieces will not my responsibility (and that I won't be buying new ones!).  He tells me the large pockets belonging to the cargo style school shorts are the reason he likes them so much. It explains why he completely refuses to wear the other pair in a different style which I bought him as a backup.

Dan's tyre is leaking.  It looked low today and when I checked it this afternoon it was down to 18.  Bugger it...  He's clearly picked up a nail up at the stables.  Alas and woe.  It will need fixing asap because Dan and I have 4 stallions to photograph this (and possibly next week if I can't get them done in one day given the travel time).  The farm is at Muskerry Creek.  I've never heard of it.  It's apparently somewhere near Bendigo.  I've never been to Bendigo.  So many firsts..  My mind swirls when I ponder the future which is still confusing because it's all so unknown.  Flying by the seat of my pants?  You bet your life I am.

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